About Me

Hi there peeps!

Just a short description about me. I'm a silent and simple lad. I'm a Programmer by profession so if you want to hire me, email me at the email posted below.

This blog is just about anything and anywhere I've been to. I post random things that caught my attention. But as you can see, most of my posts here are about food and travel. I love to eat, I love food - I'm a certified foodie. I also love to explore new places that's why I travel. I don't travel that much as I limit myself to 2-3 travels a year. Traveling comes with a price and I don't have the means to travel a lot. I save first before I travel, You know, I'm not rich. :D

  • Time is gold.
  • Once is enough, twice is ok, but thrice is too much.
  • We always have a choice, but sometimes we're left with no choice.
  • Some things are better left unsaid.

P.S. I'm not that good in English so please bear with me. ;)
You can contact me at:  emailocto @ gmail . com